‘Krong’ admires ‘Kelsey’ getting better every year.

Gron Kowski

Tampa Bay Buccaneers winger Rob Gron Kowski hailed the Kansas City Chiefs winger Travis Kelsey as a better player every year. The two wings in the stars face each other in the 55th ‘Super Bowl’ on Sunday February 7.

‘He’s really good,’ said Gronkowski of Kelsey.’He is the best on the offensive team for the Chiefs UFABET. ‘

‘One interesting thing about Travis Kelsey and I have never seen this against any other player in the NFL is that Kelsey gets better every year that I have seen him play in N. The FL ‘Grych describes the iconic wings of the Chiefs and Kansas City stars Sam McDowell.

Statistically, Kelsey has had a solid performance since 2016, having received more than 1,000 yards over the past five seasons and became the winger for the most distance in a single season 1,416 yards. Destroys the original performance of George Kittel, the inner wing of San Francisco Forty Mr Jenners. Who received a total distance of 1,377 yards in the 2018 season

‘What he did for the wing position I can only respect that, ‘said Gronkowski of Kelsey’s performance. ‘The most impressive thing about him is that he gets better year after year and that’s hard to see.’

Kelsey praised Gronkowski as well, calling himself one of the biggest fans of Gronkowski. And had the chance to match up with Gronkowski in the ‘Super Bowl’ game.

‘I have never beaten Rob Gron, Cowski and Tom Brady in a play-off situation and I am aware of that,’ Kelsey revealed. ‘ I have greater responsibility towards my teammates. To be better on the pitch when it is most needed in the playoffs. I say that I feel that this game is another opportunity for me to be in the winner column. Try to win this competition that the media like to do. ‘

Buccaneers is well aware of the threat from Kelsey in the 55th ‘Super Bowl’, especially the winger who made seven touchdowns during the post-season. 2019 and 2020 including one score in the 54th ‘Super Bowl’ game.

‘We’re going to try everything,’ said Tampa Bay’s Devin White Line backer of his efforts to slow down Kelsey, admitting that Buccaneers’ defensive game will have a tense task. Face off against the Chiefs with a variety of weapons. ‘It doesn’t matter who plays. We have to win the duel. You will try to yell at the person in front of you. ‘

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