films from the Golden Globes from 1990-2015

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation, 2003

Wins 3 Golden Globe Awards 2004.
Lost | Lonely | Love story between Bob and Charlotte, who was left alone in a foreign land. When the two meet and talk by accident, they build their relationship. Similar to having been living together for ten years Looks and feels so good that you can’t miss it. Movie HD

Brokeback Mountain, 2005

Won 4 awards from Golden Globe Awards 2006
4 prizes would be sufficient for ‘Valley of the Ruins’ that made the world famous It’s a film about two men who go as sheep farming workers near the Brokeback mountain range, although they started off as an impromptu but turned into mutual love. It can be said that it is a pyrotechnic event that has to be distributed at once.

Dreamgirls, 2006

Wins 3 awards from the 2007 Golden Globe Awards
story of breaking into the sky, getting stars in the music industry in the late 60s, the rise to the top of the trio of young singers, but the price of fame and success is sure to be returned with some. Something of the highest value in life. Has been guaranteed fun with 3 awards from the Golden Globes stage in 2007. If you like this movie, I guarantee that it is good to watch.

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