Covid poisoning makes Peligans-Spurs scroll a few hours before the tip off.

The NBA Basketball

The NBA Basketball League ordered the postponement of Monday’s game between the New Orleans Pelicans San Antonio Spurs. At the Smoothies King Center just two hours before the tip-off time because they met the players. Risk of investigation from both franchises .

The NBA Basketball is strict safety and health measures from COVID- 19. It have resulted in players from both Pelicans. Leading to a minimum of eight users to postpone. According to regulations.

Additional reporting by ESPN  said the expedition’s samples showed both teams have to be positive. Even if not a member of the Player – Staff Coach, it is necessary to take precautions when taking risks.

Postponed marks the second of Pelican’s this season after only two weeks before the fight game, then move to Dallas , even at Maverick’s because teams from the state of Texas, a temporary detention of several. The user does not reach the minimum of 8 people .

Because Alcoa problem COVID- 19 is the first by the weekend just beat the Washington makes surf pods one on the team. Lost to the more than six rounds because of toxic corona virus outbreak sites.

Monday’s game into this season with the safety and health of cattle COVID- 19 game slide collection includes 22 games With only six of the 30 franchises are not affected by the drop queue race yet. UFABET

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