Former Washington Football Team cheerleaders reach settlement with team over lewd videos.

Washington Football Team

Former Washington Football Team cheerleaders have reached confidential settlements with the team over lewd videos produced without their knowledge, according to the Washington Post.

The former cheerleaders retained attorneys in August, when it revealed former play-by-play broadcaster Larry Michael asked members of the broadcasting department to put together lewd outtakes from a cheerleading shoot in Aruba. The 2008 video reportedly featured footage of cheerleaders adjusting their bathing suits, which exposed their breasts and genitals.

Michael stepped down as the team’s broadcaster last July. A second video, featuring footage from a 2010 shoot, reportedly made as well. Michael and team owner Dan Snyder denied any knowledge of the videos UFABET.

Cindy Minniti, an attorney representing the team and owner Daniel Snyder, told the Washington Post “the matter has resolved” when asked about the cheerleaders who retained attorneys. The terms of the settlements are not known at this time.

Washington paused cheerleading program Monday

The news comes two days after the franchise paused its cheerleading program. Washington intends to rebuild and rebrand the program following lawsuits and accusations of sexual harrassment and misconduct.

In July, 17 women came forward to detail instances of sexual harrassment they faced from employees and executives with the team. In August, 25 more women accused Snyder and other Washington executives of serious sexual misconduct. The Washington Post also reported the team reportedly settled a sexual misconduct claim against Snyder for $1.6 million in 2009.

The NFL announced it would investigate the claims against the team and Snyder in August. That investigation is nearly complete, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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